Why Breed a Standard Poodle to a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon?

Thank you for visiting our site, just like your curiosity is peaked in the mating of a Standard Poodle to a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, so was ours when we first thought of doing it. We couldn't find anyone who had done it before so we decided, "Why not be the first that we know of to try". So here we are.

We have been raising hunting dogs for 30 years now, and I'll be honest I was hesitant when Kim wanted to bring home a standard poodle, it was a hit to my man ego to own a foo foo dog such as a poodle. Shortly after bringing Twinkie home I was very impressed at how great of a dog she is, super intelligent, super friendly, and I was soon loving the breed. Griffs have been such a blessing to our lives, we absolutely love this breed. We have been breeding registered Griffs and sending pups all over the continental US for several years now and absolutely love it. Merlin our stud is truly one of those once in a lifetime dogs who is the total package, and the stars aligned when we were able to get him. We have collected incredible genetics from all over the US in our female Griffs, they are our babies and we love them.

As someone who has allergies to dogs(finally after 36 years decided to get allergy shots) I have appreciated two hunting breeds that have fantastic coats for allergy sufferers. The pairing of the two breeds is very exciting to see the outcome. On the one hand a Griff"s coat has a course "fluffy unkempt" look adorned with a downy undercoat and guard hairs. The Poodle on the other hand is super soft and crimped with little to no shedding, and absolutely wild, we love it! So only nature will tell what these coats come out to be.

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